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Please read this important excerpt from the book: 

“Eager to Learn: Educating Our Preschoolers” 

Written by the National Research Council (2001)

 “Pedagogy has three basic components

(1) Curriculum, or the content of what is being taught; 

(2) Methodology, or the way in which teaching is done; and 

(3) Techniques for socializing children in the repertoire of cognitive and affective skills required for successful functioning in society…”

Lit Learners tackles all three of these components with lesson planning around literacy; using modern music and entertainment to create a unique learning experience that can be shared amongst their peers!

This is an exciting addition into your normal early childhood curriculum.
Lit Learners uses Sound, Animation, and Movement to reinforce and create memorable learning material. 

We want children to know that learning can be fun and encourage them to grow a hunger for knowledge!

A Common quote that our Lit Learners Staff hear from parents and teachers

Dope! I wish I had this in kindergarten instead of whatever we were using, LOL!
Andrell R.

Through Lit Learners, students from underrepresented backgrounds who may not have interest in various educational topics can gain exposure through music and videos right from their tablet or phone. While many children may know the lyrics to their favorite song before their ABC’s, Lit Learners aims to bridge these two milestones for children, giving them early exposure to pivotal fundamental educational topics.

Our Educator *Edythe Robertson describes it so well.

Using the Lit Learners material will help cross all the learning styles to ensure the child is receiving the information. The worksheet can also be used as an assessment tool later to see what knowledge was captured throughout the week.

The videos can be listened to over and over again for practice and repetition. Our main goal is for the child to not only meet the Ohio Standards but to exceed the benchmark. Through these learning materials we know that the child can and will be successful.